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By Erika Jones, Alumni Trumpet

Female: 1)-self explanatory 2)-not Zach Yennie

Blond: 1) having naturally golden hair. Mental blonds not permitted. 2)-not Zach Yennie


The first FBT shall be known as Goddess. If she wishes, she may use it as an adjective for her formal name, like Goddess Jennifer. She shall be placed as the leader of all FBTs and represent them in the Trumpet Council (See Trumpet Handbook). The Trumpet Goddess has been placed by the will of the all knowing, all powerful, Valve Oil Goddess.

Rights and Duties of Goddess

Everything from the Trumpet Goddess' lips shall be considered the words of the Valve Oil Goddess and therefore, is always right. She will serve as the profitess to the Valve Oil Goddess in the Trumpet Council. If wrongs are committed, the Goddess may forbid a freshman FBT her title. However, she cannot demote non-freshman FBTs to a lesser title. Other punishments may be used.

Goddess and Freshmen

By default, the Trumpet Goddess shall never be a freshmen. In the event that a freshman rises to the title of Goddess, the title shall be passed down to the next highest non-freshmen. The position of Goddess must be kept pure of inferiority. If there are only freshmen FBTs, then the trumpet section has no profitess to the Valve Oil Goddess.

Empress and Her Rights

The second FBT shall be known as Empress. All FBTs have the right to use their title as an adjective of their name. In the absence of the Trumpet Goddess, Empress shall temporarily take her place. Empress has no direct communication with the Valve Oil Goddess. She may not always be correct, but all wrongs will be reported to Goddess upon her return.

Other Important FBTs

The Third FBT shall he knows as Queen and Forth FBT shall be known as High Priestess. If other FBTs are added, extra titles shall be chosen. All titles chosen must be approved by the Trumpet Goddess.