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Band Fundraisers

It takes LOTS of money to run a marching organization as great as ours! We have tried to offer many different fund raising oppurtunities for everyone. Some are a "one shot deal," others run year-round. Some benefit the students directly by adding to their individual accounts, others benefit the students by going to the BPO. NONE of the fundraisers are do not have to participate in any of them. But, many students raise ALL of the money needed for band with fundraisers!

The following is a partial list of current and planned fundraisers for the 2000-2001 school year. If you would like to help with any of the these events or have any suggestions or questions...PLEASE CALL!!

Fry's Gift Certificates - A "No Brainer." Fry's gift certificates are a dollar-for-dollar exchange and can be used on everything in the store, even prescriptions. Fry's pays 5% directly to your student's account twice a year. Order forms and information are available in the band room. For information contact Diana Wilson. (Ask Mr. André for her number.)

Basha's Gift Certificates - New this year. Just like Fry's, these are a dollar-for-dollar value. You give the BPO money in any amount and you will get the same amount in gift certificates for Basha's...good on anything in the store. However, Basha's pays your student's account 6% and they pay it immmediately. You don't have to wait six months to collect in your account. Information and order forms are in the band room. For information call Diana Wilson.

Krispy Kreme Donuts - This is also a new fundraiser this year. Your student sells cards good for 50% off donuts at Krispy Kreme to $20.00. The student gets $10.00 for their account. Please Contact Jan Welsh for more information on this fundraiser.

Baja Fresh Nights - New this year. Baja Fresh will donate 15% of all sales to the MHS Band on certain nights. Be on the look-out for the next date of a Baja Fresh Night! Call Terri Hovis for more information on this event.

Entertainment Books - Most of the clubs at MHS participate in this fundraiser. Starting August 22nd your student can begin selling these great books filled with coupons for restaurants, movies, etc. for $35.00. Each book sold puts $16.00 directly into your student's account. More info to come.

Sara St. Claire Sales - This is a catalog sale. We did this one last year and it was a great success. Several students made all of their trip money on just this one sale! Sale starts September 5th. More info to come.

Sno Biz Shave Ice - The BPO bought a Sno Biz Machine and the rights to market this product last spring. It not only tastes great, but has been a terrific fundraiser to the BPO. We will sell shave ice at every football game and every Friday at school during both lunches. If you can help with this project for any game or on Fridays at school please contact Jan Welsh.

Band-a-thon - Another new one this year. On Saturday, September 23rd the whole band will practice the show and music all day long. Students will take pledges from family and friends for money to be donated for every hour we practice. This money will go directly into student's accounts.

Spaghetti Dinner - The BPO hosts a spaghetti dinner every spring to welcome 8th graders that will be coming to MHS. All of our Concert and Jazz Bands perform, as well as the Jr. High Bands. This is a great evening of food, music and friends. More info to come.

Carabba's Dinner - Each year the MHS Orchestra and BPO host this great night. The food is AWESOME. Carabba's comes and cooks in our cafeteria, all we have to do is serve. The band and strolling strings play for entertainment. More info to come.

Rummage Sale - The BPO will sponsor a parking lot rummage sale in the spring. Start saving your gently used goodies now! More info to come.

Car Washes - These have always been successful for us. A percentage of the money goes into the accounts of all students who attend the car wash. This year's summer car washes put over $1,000.00 into student's accounts! Upcoming car wash dates to be announced.

Winter Guard Show - This year the BPO is planning to host a Winter Guard show at MHS. Proceeds from this show will be used to fund our color guard program. More info to come. - This is a year-round way to ease your shopping and make money for your student. There are tons of stores to choose from, all pay different percentages to your student's account. Some even ship for FREE!! Contact a BPO member for further instructions. - Another cyberspace way to earn money. This one goes to the BPO and they pay us twice a year. Great online savings from stores you shop at anyway. Please a BPO member for further instructions.

Source: Band Bulletin, August 2000.